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THE GREEN HORNET: a boardroom-like assembly, and atrociously bad – (DVD review) →

THE GREEN HORNET is one of those atrociously bad movies that feels like it was assembled by committee in a board room while a comic rants and riffs about a couple of cool scenes. “Do we have merchandising?” “Will this appeal to the comic book geeks?” “Can we hire Cameron Diaz?” “Can we hire an Asian pop star to secure worldwide box office?” 

Blame it on Seth Rogen who co-wrote this trainwreck of a movie that ends up being a stoner comedy spin on every Super Hero movie cliche. 2010′s KICK ASS did a much better job of zeroing in on these cliches, while THE GREEN HORNET doesn’t know whether to snicker or to let out a fart joke. Or … - MORE on

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